Backpacking for Couples

Getting Started

So you are thinking about lacing up some boots and throwing on a backpack and heading out to the wilderness!


We will help you pick the right equipment, the right food, and the right trail so that both you and your partner have so much fun you will want to go out again and again,


First, read this article about introducing your partner to day-hiking.

For your first backpacking trip, we suggest finding an experienced hiking couple and going out as a team. You will learn shortcuts from your more-experienced friends and their presence will help you relax as you learn how to navigate the wilderness.

If you don’t have any backpacking friends, you might consider looking for a local hiking club. If you decide to go it alone, you should pick a well-known trail that is between 15 and 20 miles in total length. This means that for a loop, you will camp out no more than one night, The same goes for out-and-back trails.

Our favorite trails in Michigan’s lower peninsula are both about 20 miles long. We always camp somewhere just beyond the half-way point, which leaves us with an easier 2nd day of hiking. There are many trail resources, and we usually begin each hike with a Google search. We also subscribe to Backpacker Magazine, which offers tons trail suggestions all over the USA. is another useful resource.

Before beginning any backpacking trip, you need the right gear. Check out our recommended gear list for some suggestions.